Britian’s Underwater Nuclear Nightmare

Britain's Underwater Nuclear Nightmare

Greens Against Nuclear Power activist David Joseph Henry casts light on one of the United Kingdom’s most ghastly nuclear secrets.

By David Joseph Henry

It may sound outrageous at first, but the frightening reality is until 1982 (when it was banned) the vast majority of the United Kingdom’s nuclear and radiological waste (from power stations, industry and medical facilities) was dumped at sea. High-level nuclear waste from the French and Germany nuclear power industry was permitted to be dumped across a wide range of British waters (both deep and shallow) by the UK’s very own government.


Cargo freighters stacked high with countless barrels of vaguely marked, highly radioactive waste were regularly dumped in the Irish Sea, North Sea and English Channel. These barrels were shipped out to unmarked locations not so far from shore on an industrial scale and simply cast overboard.  The locations for the final resting place of this nightmarish cargo, now rusting on the sea-floor for the most part, remains undisclosed – and probably never will be.


Since it began (some say as early as the late 1950’s) the dumping of nuclear waste at sea in the waters of the United Kingdom has been shrouded in secrecy and denial. No doubt in order to shield the merging and fragile nuclear industry and sensitive military establishments from public outrage and scrutiny, covering up an irreparable crime against nature and humanity that, regardless of legislation implemented to prohibit such dumping will have consequences for generations to come.


The world waited until 1992 until an international treaty banning the maritime dumping of nuclear waste came into force, and it’s estimated a large number of illegal dumping operations continue in the world’s oceans today, with recent stories in the media involving Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean and the Mafia in the Mediterranean.

Regardless of any laws, local or global to prevent such reckless assault on our seas, the damage is already done, these radioactive pollutant materials, once released are toxic to all living things (almost) forever.

The film they don’t want you to see..

Intent on exposing this legacy of callous criminal behaviour on a state and industrial scale and the subsequent state-sponsored cover-ups and masking of the truth, Professor Chris Busby has produced a one-hour documentary in association with German state television. For reasons I’ll leave you to ponder on your own, attempts to distribute this film on social media and broadcast it on British television have been systematically sabotaged.

If it’s not been removed (yet again) then I highly recommend anyone interesting in this very sorry affair to watch Radioactive Waste: Dumped and Forgotten


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