Britain’s Colonial Nuke Stockpiles

It’s well known the United Kingdom used many of it’s former overseas colonies as bases for it’s military forces. In some nations, Britain still maintains a presence in at least 15 other nations.

In Kenya, a British Colony until it received Independence in 1963 there are still over 10,000 British Military Personal stationed.  But this question posed in the House of Commons back in November 1960 highlights the possibility of Nuclear Warheads being kept in the African nation.

Labour MP John Stonehouse at the time asked the Minister for Defence “whether nuclear weapons and warheads are now stocked at the military bases in Kenya.” Although the reply was rebutted and the answer not given – it begs the fact why the question was raised so specifically in the first place, raising the possibility that Mr Stonehouse had information that could have promoted the possibility of British Nuclear Weapons being stockpiled in it’s colonies.

Furthermore, who knows how many other nations were used as a dumping ground for never-used but deadly Nuclear Weapons? and where they are today.


Bomb casings at South Africa’s abandoned Circle nuclear bomb production facility near Pretoria. These most likely would have accommodated a gun-type nuclear package for air delivery. The URANIUM inside the warheads was enriched at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom during the 1970’s.


Author: David Joseph Henry


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